Tim has been a photographer since he first discovered the process of capturing photographic images and developing them at the age of 14. Having a darkroom and experimenting with his camera, film processing and printing. The ‘magic’ of photography was captivating.  Tim was photographing events, friends and the Berthoud neighborhood and processing the images from his bathroom darkroom setup received from his dentist. This interested continued through his time in Jr high and high school yearbook and newspaper staff. His images were even being published in the local papers from Berthoud High School sporting events and activities.  His interest continued and he went on to attend Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs to further study photography. His interest in photography grew to the point of operating his own photo labs in Boulder and Fort Collins. He continues today operating out of his studio in downtown Berthoud. Providing photography and printing services for the local community and national clients.

To contact me, please call or email:

thardy hardysphoto.com